rapife romper met opdruk die verkleurtOccasionally I see handy gadgets which I could certainly have used when my children were babies. Such as a baby romper whose imprint discolors when your baby has fever? Invented by the Spanish manufacturer Rapife.com, made from beautiful cotton and I think it looks beautiful.
The Mimo Baby romper with sensors in the form of a bright green line that ends in a turtle doesn’t deserve the beauty prize, but it’s technique is impressive. Invented by Rest Devices in collaboration with Intel technology. The sensors Mimo babyromper met sensormeasures the location and temperature of your baby but also how often your baby moves. With an app on iOS and Android, you can always monitor your child.
And imagine that you never have to check if you have to change your baby? You simply get a signal when the diaper is too wet or too full. Professor Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo invented a diaper with sensors which can be applied with inkjet luier met sensortechnology on a diaper. Useful or useless? Well, this may be going a bit far and an experienced mother can feel or smell quickly whether a diaper needs to be changed, and otherwise your child will make clear to you that clean pants are needed, but it’s funny stuff. So definitely a tip for innovation for large diaper manufacturers like Huggies, Pampers and Libero.

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