brieven aan mijn baby babytrendwatcherThere’s always something magical about the concept of time capsule in my opinion. Why does anyone stops objects and information in a capsule, buries or hides it with the intention to open it in the far future? That’s inspiration for film producers, right? Until I saw these time capsules for your child! ‘Letters to my baby’ is a cheerful designed book with a bundle of letters. The idea is to write down your thoughts, feelings and dreams until your baby is one year old. That’s something different than filling out a dull ‘baby’s first year book! The nice thing is that you can determine the time when your child may break the seals to read all your dreams! I think a 18th or 21st birthday can be a good opportunity. Or better, wait until your child is getting married or having his or hers first baby? Nice for a baby shower gift!

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